Printing Services

Technology House Kenya offers Black&White copy services in Village Market. Our commercial quality, high-speed copy equipment gives us the capability to produce large copy jobs very quickly, with high-quality results at very competitive prices.

Each Black&White copy we print is guaranteed to be at par with the original document. Technology House Kenya
can handle huge volume of B&W photo copy service in matter of hours.

When you need fast, quality, inexpensive copies give us a call, we’re ready to help!


Printing Finishing

  1. Document Binding

To complement our document printing services we offer a choice of document binding options including:

Spiral Binding

We are confident we can present your work to the highest standard.

2. Lamination.

Why not protect your documents with our laminating service?

Technology House Kenya can laminate your documents in either gloss or matte finish. Magna systems use high quality lamination film and process to achieve high quality lamination. Our staff will help you to choose from the lamination options available based on your requirement, material used for printing and the printing method used for printing.

Lamination is a good option for protecting the documents as well for a nice feel.