WIldlife Safari Kenya Mail Server Setup

The advantages of hosting emails locally would include:

  • Faster transactions for users  because email exchange is on the LAN.
  • We shall build a proper redundancy for the internet routes to ensure minimal downtime and also ensure power is well available preferably using inverter to generator.
  • Storage space remains in our control because we can upgrade server consistently without major changes affecting users.  The space is on Server Hosting Physically on the LAN and no extra costs for increased space needs.
  • Control of company Data remains well secured because of local administration and controlled access to network data whether email or other type of data.
  • We can avail Access on transit as hosting will be on cloud.


  • Incase of outage queues of emails will hold outward and inward till such a time internet service is available for delivery.
  • Chances of outages could happen when there is no power at Local Office or when Hardware / Software issues arise on the server.
  • Administration of the Server with Local / Outsourced ICT personnel maybe needed time to time and this could attract costs.
  1. i) Host Mails on the Cloud – EG , Hosted Exchange, Hosted Zimbra, Google APPS – I have attached the plans available for this, but we could also look at other options for email only services hosted on cloud, that could be similar to what we are providing currently.

The advantages of hosting emails on Cloud:

  • High availability of email and collaboration for all and including people who are on transit and need to access.
  • The many value adds that come with Cloud based platforms like Google Apps for Sharing Documents etc etc.
  • Ease and consistency of access and high availability.


  •   In case of loss of internet – Users will be unable to get emails till it resumes
  • Control of Access will be less because platform is accessible from anywhere on the internet without restriction and user needs will drive this agenda
  • Costs associated monthly or annually for storage and access needed.